Monday, May 5, 2014

How to Experiment on Paint Colours

Many property owners are getting bored with their current paint colours at home. They contact reliable contractors to paint their houses and bring it back to life again. Before calling these experts, they look for the best colours first, so everything will be set prior to starting the project.

Many clients want to experiment on colours to reinvent their properties. If you have the same goal, you can experiment your own set of colours through the following tips.

Go beyond the usual colour you use. You probably noticed that you’re often drawn to certain colours. These are the colours are the ones you feel comfortable with. There’s nothing wrong going beyond your comfort zone and trying out new shades for your house. For starters, look for similar shades of your favourite colour and try it for your house. This will help you get away from the usual colours that you use.

Look for inspirations on magazines. One of the common procedures in finding a good colour shade for your house. Online and printed lifestyle magazines concentrating on home living will give you fresh ideas about colours to use for your property. Once you found the best shades, you can show it to the contractor and they will come up with the colour to paint for your house.

Try the colour yourself. Don’t be afraid to experiment colours on your own. You can find yourself thinking of several colours, but you don’t have any idea whether they will match each other or not. To make this possible, get several colour tubes and paint the colour on a piece of paper. Choose oil pastel tubes instead of watercolours because the former has more vibrant shades. Settle for cheaper oil pastels and in smaller amounts since you’ll just use them for testing. Use one colour as your base or background then use another shade as lining or outline, which will serve as colours for trims. See how they look like and use them for home painting if they worked perfectly.

Keep in mind that not all colours may work. Some colours work effectively no matter how awkward they seem to be. Several combinations don’t seem possible at first, but the right shades will bring out the colour that you want. However, keep in mind that not every shade will work effectively, whether you’ll use them on the interior or exterior. This will point you to the next tip.

Consult experts for colour themes. Your last resort is consulting interior house painters for shades. These professionals offer colour consulting services, which will help you find house paint colours suitable for your requirements and preferences. They have a huge collection of colour palettes and even do the combination for you. You can leave the task on their hands and then give a go signal for the project.

Painting your home begins with finding the right colours. Freshen up your house’s appearance and make it a worthy investment. Call today and let a professional contractor help you in choosing the colour then start painting immediately.

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