Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Paint Colours Can Affect You and Your Electric Bills

A new study has that choosing the right paint colours can actually help you save on your electricity bills. According to researchers, choosing the right colour scheme to paint your walls will certainly reduce your need to use more interior lighting. You want to know how it works? Read on.

Interior House Painters
Interior house painters and industry experts share the secret to utilising lighter colours on walls. According to their findings, light coloured paints will reflect more light and at the same time, absorb less heat compared to dark toned colours, which achieve the opposite effects. This will result in rooms lessening the use of artificial lighting, which are the basic contributors to the amount you pay on your electric bills. Experts also advise people to use lighter shades of colour on the walls and incorporate dark colours on the furniture, so that your accent pieces will stand out.

Since lighter shades do not absorb heat, you won’t need air-conditioning when the summer season comes. Then on winter, it will not take up much generated heat in the room. Choosing light paint colours on your walls are also ideal for creating a home that is electrically efficient, according to recent reports by industry experts.

There are paints on the market that are labelled with their Light Reflective Value. Interior house painters utilise these kinds of paints to make rooms more energy-efficient. They advise people to look for the Light Reflective Value number. The higher the number is, the lesser the need for artificial lighting would be, which makes the room incredibly cost-effective.

Using all kinds of white paint colours has a lot of benefits that interior design experts know. They say that white is less expensive compared to other colours. It compliments any kind of decorations or furniture and it makes a room look larger and livelier. It makes a particular room more spacious and lighting would no longer be that much of a concern.

Psychologists also state that colour has an effect on human emotions and behaviours. In recent studies, the paint colours of a wall have an effect on how a person perceives the temperature of a room. Rooms painted with the cool colours, such as blue or green, are said to make people feel cooler than the actual temperature of the room. This clearly shows the importance of the colour of a room and its effects on the overall energy efficiency of the home.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

5 Common Colour Mistakes According to Cheap Painter

Cheap Painter
Colouring the walls or the surface of a home can be a daunting task that is why there are cheap painter services you can obtain to make your job easier. However, the decision of what colour you’ll be using for that space will still depend on you. If you are worried, here are five common colour mistakes you should be aware of.

No 1. Fear. Sounds ominous right? But, this is a very common emotion when making decisions and choosing the right colour for a space is not an exemption. The only way to get over your fear is to use a colour that you love, whether you utilise it on your decorations like rugs, fabrics or paintings. Use this colour inspiration by testing it on your walls. If the colour seems too intense, you can always ask dulux Sydney paint experts to add a neutral colour to it to tone it down.

No 2. Putting Too Much on the Walls. Experts say that you have to think about the intensity of the colour. You don’t want to paint your walls and then have it clash with a piece of interior decoration. It is important to set a focal point in your space. For example, if you are using a vibrant Oriental rug as your room’s focal point, ask your cheap painter to paint the walls a lighter shade so that it’ll compliment the rug.

No 3. Putting Too Little on the Walls. Having a bland looking space is not ideal at all. If you want to avoid making this mistake, incorporate the 60-30-10 rule of interior designers. About 60% of the colour in an area should originate from the walls; 30% from the floor, upholstery and windows; and 10% comes from the accent pieces. Paint your walls with vibrant dulux Sydney colours to make them pop out.

No 4. Rushing the Process. You won't benefit from choosing a colour willy-nilly and then hating it after only a few weeks. To avoid this dilemma, ask your cheap painter to paint a small swatch on your wall with the colour you think you like and live with it for two days. Afterwards, make your decision.

No 5. Forgetting about Primer. To get the correct shade of the colour of your choice, ask your cheap painter to coat the walls first with a primer. It will block the previous colour of the wall and make the current one lively and accurate.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Benefits of Getting Painting Services

Whether you are building a new home or renovating your current one, obtaining painting services is surely the efficient way to get your painting job done. You might be thinking that doing the task yourself will save you lots of money, but why would you waste your time and effort if you can easily call in a professional to do it for you? Are you still undecided about the quality of these professionals? Here are the services and traits you can expect and benefit from a professional painter.

Professional interior painters are experts in colour application. The colour of a room or house can make or break the beauty and elegance of that space. If you hire a professional, they can offer you guidance and support as you make your decision as to what colours you will apply to your room and space. It requires a creative and discerning eye to select the proper colour for your interiors and these professionals will surely guide you towards the right direction.  

Painting a wall might seem simple at first. You just dunk your paintbrush in paint and slap it on the wall, and you can call that painting. However, it takes proper skill and artistry to create a perfectly painted wall. This is where the talents of professional painting services really come in handy. These people know the proper techniques and ingenious tricks that could make your painted walls look pristine and high quality. They will ensure the right preparation of your walls or surfaces to prevent painting fiascos.

One of the major benefits you could also take from hiring interior painters is that they utilise quality tools and materials. An experienced painter is knowledgeable in a variety of paints and they will know which paint is suitable for which wall or surface. Also, with their experience, these professionals will recommend you the highest quality paints that will enhance your wall or surface.

If you decide to paint your own wall, this process could take you weeks, but for professional painting services, the task will be done swiftly and neatly. After the work is done, they will also clean up the area and the equipment used, and they will make sure that everything is spotless and perfect. It is as if the task was magically done by wizards.

Would you still rather do your own wall painting, which could lead to a sloppy mess, or hire painting services that could do your walls justice? These professionals take their craft seriously and they only exist to provide you with high-quality service.

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