Thursday, January 23, 2014

Avoid being Conned by Working with a Trustworthy Painting Contractor

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A 76-year old man in United Kingdom unfortunately paid two con builders for a whopping £29,800 on home paint jobs and window fitting. According to reports, the services only cost £2,500. The incident occurred in a different country, but it doesn’t mean that you’re safe from these frauds. This incident emphasizes the importance of working with a trustworthy painting contractor.

Keeping yourself from being victims of these con artists is possible by knowing what to check in a service provider. Take note of the following characteristics to distinguish a reliable professional painter from the rest.

Working with a reliable company. Some painters may present themselves as independent contractors and offering way cheaper rates on their services. Choosing them is not a problem as long as they run their own business and with permits to operate.

It is still best to choose an established service provider. They are complete with business documents and with certifications that let them keep their licenses to operate. Business sectors won’t allow them to continue operating unless they complied with their set standards. Knowing that business authorities back them up, you’re assured of your finances’ safety and quality services that only certified individuals can offer.

Certified service providers. Aside from the company certification, each individuals working with the service provider must also be certified. They undergone training that gained them licenses to work in the field. A trustworthy painting company only hires certified individuals to ensure quality retention on all their services.

Complete identification and uniform. A cheap painter may approach you for business and inform you that he is an employee of a certain contractor. However, you can’t be so sure until they show you complete identification like company IDs duly signed by the owner or manager. Work only with individuals with these identifications to know whom you’ll contact for other concerns.

Aside from IDs, uniforms also serve as sign that they are a contractor’s employee. Welcome service providers arriving at your homes wearing your chosen company’s uniforms to ensure you’ll get the rates arranged with your contact.

Transparent in presenting quotes and actual prices. Discussions about rates seems bleak because some service providers don’t take time to talk about the rates with their clients. In some cases, several service providers have hidden charges that they don’t want to discuss. Clients, however, suffer the repercussions since they have no choice, but to pay for it. A reliable service provider offers their quotes and rates in a transparent. This informs clients about what they are paying for.

Proof of insurance. Clients need to make sure that their chosen service providers have insurance coverage in doing their jobs. Their money are not the only things at stake in hiring their services, but also their property’s safety while conducting the painting procedures. Insurance makes sure that both the property worked on and painters are covered.

Avoid being victims of fraud painters and save your money from paying astronomical rates than the service you received. Consult with reliable contractors to guarantee unparalleled services and rates that you deserve to pay.

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