Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Painting Services: Setting Your Expectations in Pre-Painting Procedures

People who are into home renovations and designing have an idea about the process of painting a house. Individuals hiring painting services, however, usually ask questions about how professionals do their job.

If you are curious about the entire process, the following are some details and procedures that service providers do before they paint your house. Knowing these details will set your expectations before hiring professional painters.

House Painters
Difference in between interior and exterior painting. Several pre-painting procedures must be conducted to make sure the finish will stay on for a long time. Some people painting their houses on their own must know the difference between interior and exterior painting. Pre-painting procedures outside and inside the house. Paint types are different for exterior walls because they need to be more protective than the ones applied on interior walls. Cleaning and site preparation are also not the same between the two parts of the house. Be prepared if the service providers are preparing your house’s exterior and interior sites through specific procedures.

Colour consultation and selection. Painting professionals and clients discuss colour choices and selections. Some customers are clueless about which colours to choose, although they have specific theme in mind. They consult professionals about colours and apply them on their needed themes.

Aside from shades, both parties will also talk about paint types to use for both inside and outside the house. Discussions focus on the paint types that work on different surfaces, brands and price. Some paint types are more expensive because of their composition and protective capabilities.

Obtaining quotes. No customer wants to jump on hiring a service without knowing the price, especially on services done on properties. They tend to be expensive due to the materials and professional fees. This causes house painters to offer quotes or estimates before doing the job to set their clients’ expectations. At this point, clients can still adjust their potential expenses by choosing certain paint types and other factors surrounding the service that can save their money.

Clean-up procedures. Wall cleaning is imperative to make sure the paint will stick and stay longer than the usual. Both interior and exterior walls require cleaning although the procedures may be different depending on the extent of accumulated dirt. Aside from cleaning walls, interior painting preparation is also different because of the appliances to move and protect from paint splatters. Appliances and furnishings will be placed at the middle part of the room then covered with plastic covers or tarpaulin.

Surface preparation. Painting on a rough surface affects the overall wall appearance. Furthermore, it consumes more paint, which leads to more expenses. Plastering or covering cracks, holes and sanding rough surfaces must be done first before painting to ensure overall quality and promoting aesthetic appeal.

Pre-painting procedures are crucial in assuring paint job quality. An expert house painter will inform you of these procedures, which makes them the best people to do the job for you. Set up an appointment with these experts for your needed paint job and get utmost satisfaction with their services.

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